Actos Settlements

Type 2 diabetics who have taken medicines containing Actos (pioglitazone) may be eligible for compensation if they have bladder cancer, as an ongoing study has linked this drug to an increased bladder cancer risk. (See Actos side effects section.)

One of our Actos lawyers may be able to help negotiate a settlement to ensure you have the resources to treat your bladder cancer, pay for ongoing medical tests and pay for any lost wages you might have suffered while seeking treatment.

Does a Settlement Replace a Trial?

Most legal claims are never tried in court. Instead, lawyers negotiate an agreement between the parties in a lawsuit that resolves the dispute to their mutual satisfaction.

This agreement, or settlement, usually involves a monetary award for the plaintiff – an Actos user like you who has gotten bladder cancer, for example. In addition, a settlement might require the plaintiff – in this case the maker of Actos – to remove the drug from the market or limit its use.


When a case is settled, the defendant agrees to some or all of the plaintiff's claims and decides not to fight them in court. In turn, the plaintiffs agree not to seek further damages after they have been compensated for their losses.

Defendants and plaintiffs negotiate settlements before or during a trial for a number of reasons, including:

  • To avoid a lengthy or costly court battle
  • To preserve their reputation
  • To avoid disclosure of sensitive or embarrassing information

If you'd like to educate yourself about your legal situation, please fill out the free case evaluation form. But don't delay. Laws that limit how long you can wait to file an Actos lawsuit vary by state. Seek advice today.

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