Actos Class Action Lawsuit

Ten million people with type 2 diabetes continue to use medicine containing Actos, or pioglitizone, to control their blood sugar – even though long-term use has been linked to a 40 percent higher bladder cancer risk.

If you're among them, and you've just been told you have bladder cancer, consult with one of our Actos lawyers experienced in defective-drug litigation to find out if you qualify for a recovery against drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Class Actions Unite People with Common Problems

A class action is a lawsuit undertaken by one or more people on behalf of themselves, as well as every other person with the exact same complaint.

While legal complaints involving the use of Actos have not been approved by the courts for "Class Action" treatment the claims process has evolved in recent years into a hybrid type of litigation that gives plaintiffs some of the advantages of a class action lawsuit while preserving the right of each plaintiff to seek an indivdual recovery, which generally exceeds the amount injured parties typically recover in a class action lawsuit.


If you believe Actos is linked to your bladder cancer, please share your story with us and fill out a free case evaluation form. We'll refer you to an experienced law firm currently accepting cases. But do so quickly. Laws that limit how long you can wait to file a lawsuit, called statutes of limitation, vary by state. Fill out the form immediately!

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