Actos Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

If you've used medicines containing Actos to control your type 2 diabetes and you're experiencing bladder cancer symptoms, you should make an appointment to see your doctor right away. Your doctor may test a sample of your urine to rule out a bladder infection, since the symptoms are similar to those of bladder cancer.

If necessary, your doctor will refer you to a urologist, who will likely conduct several tests for bladder cancer, including:


This test involves a cystoscope, a thin hollow instrument with a light and camera on the end that is passed through the urethra into the bladder. Once inside, the doctor can look through it to examine the bladder lining and also pass small instruments into the bladder to take samples for evaluation. Your doctor may also inject your bladder with drugs that cause cancer cells to glow when exposed to a blue light, uncovering bladder cancer cells that would have gone undetected otherwise.


Urine Cytology

During a cystoscopy, your doctor may use salt water to wash cells from the bladder wall and then take a urine sample to examine it for bladder cancer.

Urine Tumor Marker Tests

Some bladder cancers emit unique chemical substances called tumor markers that can be detected in a urine sample.


Microscopic studies of samples removed during a cystoscopy are called biopsies. A biopsy confirms a cancer's presence, determines how deeply embedded it is and how aggressively it's growing. The degree to which it's embedded is referred to as staging, while the degree of aggressiveness is called tumor grading. (See Bladder cancer stages.)

Staging and grading your cancer helps guide treatment, allows doctors to predict which patients are more likely to experience a bladder cancer recurrence, and helps them determine your bladder cancer prognosis.

If cancer is found in your bladder, your doctor may also use a number of imaging tests that use X-rays, sound waves, and magnetic fields to make pictures of the inside of your body to confirm tumor location or spread.

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